Why have a normal smartphone when you can have the Xiaomi Mi A1 Dual SIM Smartphone? This smartphone is designed and built in a way that brings you the best of both worlds; looks and performance. If you are looking for a high-performing smartphone, then you will love all the features this phone comes with. The 4GB RAM and Octa-core Snapdragon 625 processor work hand in hand to deliver a seamless performance, no matter what applications you run or for how long you use the phone. If you have lots of data to save, you will love the ample space the 64GB memory gives you. Now, you can store all the videos, music, images, and apps you want without having to constantly free space up.




The Xiaomi Mi A1 Dual SIM Smartphone sports a 5.5-inch touch display which is built to not only render beautiful HD colors and images, it will also steal your heart away every time you play a game, read a book, or watch something as it will make you feel as if things are coming to life. Thanks to the sleek design and full metal black body, the Xiaomi Mi A1 Dual SIM Smartphone will look and feel uber-good when held between your fingers. Completed with a 165g lightweight, the more you hold this phone, the more you will fall in love with it. The Xiaomi Mi A1 Dual SIM Smartphone comes with a dual rear camera with 12MP + 12MP and another 5MP front camera. With these two cameras, every shot you take will be the best one ever! Because a powerful mobile needs a powerful battery, the Xiaomi Mi A1 Dual SIM Smartphone is backed up with a 3080 mAh which can handle all of your daily needs and still come up on top!


Black Xiaomi Mi A1 Dual Sim Physical Features


Octa-core 2.0GHz


64 GB

Dual SIM

Dual Main Camera
12 MP + 12MP
Front Camera 5 MP

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