Samsung Galaxy J8 2018


When it comes to the display, in this Samsung phone, you get 6 inches. You can easily watch movies, videos, and comfortably use apps on the J8. The display comes with a resolution of 720 1480 pixels.


The performance of the Galaxy J8 2018 is something to look forward to. When it comes to the processor, you get an octa core one in the handset. This has a cspeed of 1.8Ghz. With that,even the heavy ones.

Speaking of multi-tasking, the J8, features 4GB of RAM. Therefore, you can run multiple apps at the same time.

For games and graphic intensive applications, this mobile phone comes with an Adreno 506GPU. “Heavy” games like GTA, can be run at high frame rates.


The Samsung Galaxy J8, has some impressive cameras. At the back, you get 16 megapixels.At the front, the secondary camera is also 16 megapixels. Similarly, it also takes impressive photos.

This back shooter has some impressive features. These ensure that you can take quality images, even if you are not a professional photographer. These features include panorama, geotagging, HDR and autofocus. In addition to that, this Galaxy phone also coms with an LED Flash. With that, you can take high quality snaps, even in low lighting conditions.

Battery Capacity

The capacity is 3500mAh. If you use it moderately, you can get your phone to last a full day without requiring a recharge.

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