If LG has redefined TV technology with its OLED TVs, you cannot expect its chief rival Samsung to lag behind in any way.

Samsung has come up with its unique technology named QLED. Is there a similarity somewhere? Contrary to what people think. OLED and QLED are as different as chalk and cheese despite the glaring similarities in the names.

Samsung QLED TV in India

Samsung’s QLED is the perfect riposte to LG’s OLED. A couple of other TV manufacturers like Philips, Sony, and Panasonic sell OLED TVs, but they use LG OLED panels.

Let us now see the difference between OLED and QLED before going on to describe the best QLED TVs from the Samsung stable.


The name itself is a significant difference. OLED stands for “Organic Light Emitting Diode” whereas QLED represents “Quantum Dot LED.”

OLED is a fundamentally different technology as compared to LCD. It is an emissive technology where the pixels emit their light instead of relying on an external source like LCD or LED.

QLED is a transmissive technology that relies on the presence of LED backlighting.

Let us see how the QLED technology works.

Quantum dots are nothing but microscopic molecules that emit their own, differently coloured light when hit by a light source. In Samsung’s 2017 QLED TVs, these dots are contained in a film. There is an LED backlight that hits them.This light travels through some other layers including a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) layer to create the picture. Thus, the light from the LED source is transmitted through different layers to the surface of the TV screen. Hence, we refer to it as a transmissive technology.

The LCD Sandwich comprises several layers as described below. The LED light has to pass through the following layers before reaching the TV screen.

  • Light Guide Plate
  • Polariser and Light Recycling layer
  • Quantum Dot Film
  • LCD Panel
  • Polariser
  • Colour Filter Array
  • Pros and Cons of QLED Technology
  • Give out incredibly bright, vibrant, and diverse colours – better than the OLED technology
  • Capable of making extremely slim TVs
  • It is not an emissive display like the OLEDs
  • OLEDs can produce extreme contrast levels – better than the QLEDs

Let us now look at some of the best QLED TVs available on the market. Your budget should not be a constraint if you wish to have the best in the business adorning your drawing room wall.

Samsung Q9F – Size 223 cm (88 inches)

The Samsung Q9 Series TV has the distinction of being the first product to receive awards in all the three categories from the renowned German IT magazine, Video. It has won the REFERNZ, INNOVATION, and HIGHLIGHT awards in 2017.

This Q9F TV redefines the world of colour as the colour range of this TV is beyond compare. Once you experience this TV, you will never settle for less. The Q9F delivers the ultimate in contrast no matter what time of the day it is. It provides for tremendous depth and allows phenomenal viewing.

The highlight of this TV is that it is a long-term investment. Made from inorganic materials, this TV provides high quality bright and vivid images for years to come. There is no question of any colour distortion when you view the Q9F in its full glory. The Q9F’s vivid colours and terrific viewing angles make it a delight to watch from all corners of the room.


The Q-Engine is a powerful engine that provides optimal picture quality. Also, it is one of the fastest engines in the industry. That the Q9F delivers excellent images is beyond any doubt. However, this TV stands out with its aesthetic appeal. One can say that it is a perfect combination of sheer luxury and modern finesse.

The neatly hidden wires and the beautiful back polish makes the TV look fabulous irrespective of whether you place it on a pedestal or hang it from the wall. It makes a powerful fashion statement.

This TV is a huge one, but it makes optimum use of space. You can connect this RV with a single and nearly invisible optical cable to all your devices. Thus, you get freedom from messy, tangled wires.

Place the TV on a stand or hang it on the wall. It looks great both ways. The best aspect is that you would not find any gap in the wall-mount. It would seem like an extension of the wall with the Boundless 3600 design.

The Bezel-less design allows for an immersive viewing experience. You can see the scenes coming alive before your eyes. It is a Smart TV capable of connecting to the internet through the home Wi-Fi system. Hence, watching movies on Netflix, browsing Google, checking out your emails, and so on is easy.

You have one remote control to control the TV as well as the set-top boxes. Flip through the channels using Voice Control. This TV provides a variety of content on a single screen thereby enabling you to access using the thumbnail previews. This QLED TV recognises devices faster as it displays device names thus making it easy to know your input selections.

Connect your smartphone to the TV and have a great time viewing content from the phone using the Smart View app. This TV is the ultimate you get as far as all features are concerned.

Samsung Q8C – 163 cm (65 inches) and 138 cm (55 inches)

The Q8C is another excellent TV from the Samsung Q-Series stable. It comes in two variants, the 65-inches and the 55-inches. It has almost all the qualities that you see in the Q9F series. Let us look at them in brief.

The Q-Colour feature provides 100% Colour volume thereby enhancing the colour quality of the images manifold. This TV offers the best HDR in its niche. Hence, you can view the darkest shades of the black and the brightest of whites on the same screen. It makes watching outdoor sporting and other events an extreme pleasure.


The No-Gap Wall Mount is an excellent feature as it allows the TV to blend with the walls beautifully.

Q7F – Size 189 cm (75 inches), 163 cm (65 inches), and 138 cm (55 inches)

The Samsung Q7F model comes in three variants. It has the same qualities that the Q8C and the Q9F.

The Samsung Q7F is a smart TV that enables you to watch TV as well as browse the internet on the same screen. The Bluetooth 2-way Audio ensures that you do not disturb anyone else while enjoying your movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime.


The Q-HDR Elite feature ensures excellent contrast. The Q-engine is the fast one that enables viewing of high-quality images. The Quad-Core processor is a heavy duty one. Connecting to the internet with your home Wi-Fi allows you to watch a variety of content. Connect your smartphone to the TV and have a great time watching content from your phone.

The No-Gap wall mount ensures perfect blending with the home décor. The Bezel-less design provides you with the fantastic viewing experience. It is a smart TV all the way.

Samsung Q6F – Size 163 cm (65 inches) and 138 cm (55 inches)

If budget is not a constraint, the Samsung Q series are the best TVs to have in your home. You have another Q-series model, the Q6F coming in two variants, the 65-inches and the 55-inches. It has all the features you expect a smart TV to have. All the Samsung Q-series TVs have similar characteristics.


Controlling the Samsung Q6F is a delight with the One Remote Control with S Voice. You can change channels by whispering into the remote instead of struggling with the numbers. It ensures that you need not remember the channel numbers.

The Bezel-less design and the No-Gap wall mount are exquisite features that enhance the external beauty of this TV. You can use the Bluetooth 2-way audio to communicate with the TV and watch your movies in complete privacy.

Clarity wise and colour-distribution wise, these Samsung Q-Series are streets ahead of the competition. The Q-Viewing angle enables viewers to watch the TV from almost any angle. In short, this TV ranks among the best that the Samsun Q-Series has to offer.

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