Nokia 3310 2017. The King of Feature phones?

Before there was iPhone, there was 3310 launched in the year 2000. If you didn’t own one, you probably knew someone who did. And you were probably jealous.

There are a great number of operations you can do with the Nokia 3310 2017. These include;
Phone calls: The battery of the new 3310 offers about 22 hours of active use and about 744 hours (nearly a month) on stand-by.
Send and receive SMS.
Photos and videos: Admittedly with an awful quality camera (2 MP with a LED flash). Don’t expect to use the 3310 as a camera replacement like you can with smartphones.

Rear Camera with flash

Listen to radio FM and your own music: The 33110 has a built-in MP3 player, so you can buy a cheap microSD card and add your music library to it. The 3310 also supports regular headphones with a 3.5mm jack and wireless via Bluetooth 3.0, and the battery is supposed to last 51 hours while playing music.
Check your calendar.
Set up an alarm to wake you up.
Make voice notes and written notes: That involves using its keyboard.
Use a calculator.
Learn about the weather in your city.

The frequently asked question is whether the Nokia 3310 2017 supports whatsapp which sadly it doesn’t beacuse you might overwork the king.

I would say, the Nokia 3310 2017 is basically the King Of Feature Phones.

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