LG V20 Smartphone.

Comparing LG’s latest to more traditional smartphones is a bit unfair. After all, the V20 offers things that these phones, and many others, do not. Where else can you get a Nougat phone with a removable battery, four DACs, multiple wide-angle camera lenses and two displays – oh, and a 3.5mm port?

At first glance, the LG V20’s screen is just as stunning to face head-on as the one found in the V10. That’s because its 5.7-inch Gorilla Glass 4-covered screen is still pushing a 2,560 x 1,400  resolution with 513 pixels per inch (PPI), and stretches up to 5.9-inches of diagonal real estate once you add on the 160 x 1, 040 resolution 2.1-inch-wide second screen. If you’re used to a smaller phone, like the iPhone SE, this will be quite the adjustment. The always-on second screen is reserved for notifications, quickly launching into your favorite apps, and showing extra bits of information, like the time and date.

The LG V20 is the smartphone to tell your stories. With its Steady Record feature you can capture smoother video and significantly reduce unintentional movements. With three microphones, be prepared to capture more of the original live experience than ever before. And, experience more in your photos and videos by using the wide-angle cameras on the front and rear of the phone.

Other specifications include;

  • Dual 16mp + 8mp rear camera
  • 5mp front camera
  • 64gb internal storage
  • 4GB RAM
  • 5.7 inches screen display
  • Android 7.0 nougat
  • Fingerprint sensor rear mounted
  • 3200mah batterycapacity

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