Tecno Winpad 10

Tecno WinPad 10 is a two-in-one or convertible tablet with a three-in-one detachable keyboard. The tablet is two-in-one or convertible because it can be used as a tablet (without the detachable keyboard) or as a laptop with the keyboard connected.

Combination of the detachable keyboard with full blown Windows 8.1 means the WinPad 10 can function fully as a computer. The detachable keyboard comes as a three-in-one package of stand, case and the keyboard itself. Buyers will have an incentive of free one year of Office 365, one terabyte of One Drive and 60 minutes free Skype talk time.

Overall, from the WinPad 10 a user gets the flexibility of a tablet and the full functionality of a computer.

Full specifications include;

  • Display: 10.1 inches screen display with a resolution of 1280 * 800 pixels
  • Design form: Hybrid tablet with detachable keyboard
  • Operating System: windows 8.1 upgradable to 10
  • 5mp rear camera
  • 2mp front camera
  • 32gb internal storage
  • 2GB RAM
  • Quad-core processor
  • 7000mah battery capacity

The tablet retails at Ksh. 27700

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