Bring it Back with Huawei Ideos

The phone that introduced the world of Android in to Kenya. The market was fully dominated by Blackberry until this kind of a perfect storm stepped in to rescue us. It was a dream phone that each and everyone of us who knew it wanted to have. The Tomorrow Technology Managing Director says he saved money for a whole year to just buy this gadget. Back then since there were no competitors, the Huawei Ideos seemed to own a very humongous screen display. Talk of the camera, it only featured a 3.2mp camera which i must say it was the big thing back then. Selfie for who??? If you wanted to take one, you would just apply some mathematics and rotate the phone backwards, tilt it to a suitable angle where you thought the camera would capture you.

No fingerprint sensors, no huge RAM capacities, only featured a 512mb RAM which would not accommodate heavy gaming graphics or multi-tasking. Have you forgotten the phone only had 200mb internal storage. The battery was only 1200mah battery capacity. In the current status, we all know which phones feature a 1200mah battery capacity. Of Course it is the ‘mulika mwizis’ only.

We have a feeling that one of these days, the Icon will make a return into the market in a more advanced and stronger position.

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