CLiPtec Infinity Series RGS570 USB RGB 3200dpi Professional Gaming Mouse is for all level gamers to enhance you scored for shooting, strategies and fighting games. Integrated with 704 chipset features an advanced 3200dpi gaming engine, and it is switchable up to 3200dpi depending on your gaming needs. Uses an enhanced long-lasting button lifecycle with 8 million times, it’s durable and solid. As added feature, the breathing illuminated 16 million colours light design provides you a top fighting atmosphere even in a dark environment. 6 programmable buttons and wheel to can be control with extensive customization, anything from simple remaps to complex macros in the gaming software.

High Precision Sensor with Multiple DPI up to 3200dpi
High accuracy INSTANT 704 gaming sensor applied up to 3200dpi for a variety of conditions. High resolution sensor ensures responsiveness and accuracy.

6 Programmable Buttons
Take control with extensive customization, anything from simple remaps to complex macros. Superb customizable graphical UI for Marco Keys, Advanced Performance, and Lighting-Effect Options.

2 Modes and 3 Profiles on the Software
In the gaming software, there are 2 modes programmable, which are Gaming Mode and Multimedia Mode. There are 3 profiles in each modes can be programme.

RGB Illuminating Lights
The mouse integrated with 16 million colours RGB illuminating lights to create a cool illumination.

Totally Comfortable Design, Exquisite 1.7M USB Cable
It’s equipped with an exquisite, stretch resistant and durable, 1.7M USB cable. Comfortable surface, with the most-agile performance.