Voisthled fridge guard

KSh 999.00


+ Plug-in installation, small size, easy to install, no screw fixing
+ Suitable in the circuit of line voltage 220v ac, 50Hz under rated power
+ Protector cut off power supply at once for exceeding the over voltage, and recover automatically 30s later after circuit back to normal
+ Automatic recovery delay time 30s:  prevent additional damage to the electrical appliances due to frequently switch on and off caused by the unstable voltage
+ Protector also cut off power supply at once for voltage sag
+ Working status indicator: green for working (on), red for protection (off), yellow for time delaying (wait)
+ 750ºC high temperature resistant and flame retardant enclose
+ 0.7mm thick beryllium bronze
+ Domestic top brand high quality relay
+ All chip in Taiwan and USA imported original brand

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